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Meeting the Board: Part 1


On Sunday, 1/24/21, HOPE 311 Foundation had its first monthly meeting with Paddle for Life.


The meeting was hosted using the virtual application known as Zoom, but unfortunately, we kept having a bad connection throughout the meeting. Whether it was because the internet was acting up, or if Zoom was having issues, we don't know. However, we mananaged to push through the connection issue and successfully pulled off the meeting for the most part!

Some questions that HOPE 311 Foundation had planned to ask ended up going unanswered due to the bad connection. We were still able to make a positive progress though towards our, and Paddle for Life's, goals for the upcoming fundraising event on August 7th. As a reminder, this event is being held in order to raise funds for HOPE 311 Foundation to create suicide prevention workshops for youths and families.

Paddle for Life had discussed some of the tasks we would need to start as soon as possible and to also continue with these tasks all the way up until the event begins. These tasks include:

- Posting/advertising about the event.

- Help with getting donors for the event.

- Acquire more volunteers to help with the event.

HOPE 311 Foundation plans to begin such advertising starting on February 1st. We're very excited to start spreading the word! We're also looking forward to working with everyone to help achieve a worthwhile goal!

Our next upcoming meeting with Paddle for Life is actually not going to be one of our regular monthly meetings that we already have planned in advance. This is a meeting that is set up to introduce our head graphic designer/social media content creator, who plans on pitching an advertisement plan, to the board members of Paddle for Life. The meeting will be occurring sometime next week, no clear date or time has been set yet though, so stay tuned!

Check out Paddle for Life's website in the meantime! Give them a well deserved shout-out for being so awesome and helping nonprofit organizations like HOPE 311 Foundation, Pink Lemonade Project, Clark County Veterans Assistance Centers, Westside Food Pantry of Vancouver, and Food with Friends, by helping them host fundraisers for their noble causes! They truly deserve the praise.

Also, if you would like to learn some important facts and statistics about suicide, please feel free to take a look at our Suicide Awareness & Prevention page on our website. Here's a link for quick access!

We hope that you all have an amazing rest of the week that's filled with love and laughter!


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