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Paddle Boat Racing Advertisement Talk


Last Friday, a virtual meeting was held between HOPE 311 Foundation's CEO, the foundation's head marketer and graphic designer, and three of Paddle for Life's board members.


Our main goal for this meeting was to talk about what type of advertisement we would like to create to best showcase the paddle boat racing event happening on August 7th, COVID-19 permitting. We almost immediately decided on creating a video.

Our idea came to be that we'll create a short, simple video, using images and other effects, which shouldn't take very long to create so that we can get the message out quickly. Afterwards, we'll be creating a longer, more complex video that'll include video introductions of HOPE 311 Foundation's CEO and at least one board member from Paddle for Life that'll also include both organization's purpose, drive, and call to action.

We all came to a mutual agreement that we would much rather prepare for the event and not end up having it due to COVID-19 than to not plan for the event and potentially have things be much better with COVID-19 by the time August comes around. Needless to say, we're hopeful!

As always, we thank Paddle for Life so much for choosing HOPE 311 Foundation to be a part of this event so that we can raise funds for suicide prevention workshops. Be sure to check out their website for more information about the paddle boat race! You could also follow them, and us, on social media as a way to show your support for the cause.

We hope that you all have a lovely rest of the week and stay tuned for future updates!


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