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A Goal Achieved

Updated: Jul 24, 2022


HOPE 311 Foundation is proud to announce that one of our organization's goals have been met!


Back in November, 2020, HOPE 311 Foundation was selected by Paddle for Life for the opportunity to help raise funds for youth suicide prevention. There was much anticipation while waiting to hear their selection! We are beyond grateful for their support!

Here is Paddle for Life's website and you can also find them on Facebook! Here is what they said about HOPE 311 Foundation on one of their posts:


The paddle race for the fundraising event is on August 7th of this year. If you would like to learn more about the paddle race and how you can get in on it, you can check out Paddle for Life's website as well as their Facebook page for more information.

HOPE 311 Foundation will be meeting once a month with the Paddle for Life board members to receive updates. We are feeling very excited that Paddle for Life believes in our mission and that they believe in supporting youth suicide prevention. We are looking more and more forward to August 7th as it continues to slowly approach and we hope that you will come join us on this fun-filled day!

The funds that are donated during this event will be put towards the development of suicide prevention workshops that HOPE 311 Foundation are planning to offer to youths and families.

We wish you health and happiness.


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