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Meeting the Board: Part 2

Updated: Jul 24, 2022


We just had our second meeting with the Paddle for Life board members!


During this meeting, we were able to meet some other members from Paddle for Life, as well as, introduce other members from HOPE 311 Foundation. We seem to have all gotten along very well! It was also at this meeting that HOPE 311 Foundation presented the first dragon boat racing advertisement video. Trying to share this video through Zoom was a bit... challenging to say the least. There were audio issues and video lagging issues for some of the members. Luckily, those issues got resolved and the message of the video came through clearly. The advertisement was cleared to launch!

Our next goal is to create a longer, more detailed advertisement featuring the dragon boat racing event that occurs on August 7th, 2021, to help raise money for suicide prevention workhops. For this video, we decided that we would like the presidents from both Paddle for Life and HOPE 311 Foundation to introduce themselves, their call to action, and how their organizations came to be. It's unclear exactly when this advertisement will be published, but our goal is before the end of May.

If you would like to read more up about the event, there is more information on the Suicide Awareness & Prevention page on our website. You can also learn more by checking out Paddle for Life's website It's time to get involved if you want to support suicide prevention!

We hope you all have a lovely, safe rest of the week!


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